The Internal dialogue on the Hypnosis Induction Scripts

The internal dialogue is the continuous dialogue that we entertain with us in our own mind, thoughts, questions, hummed songs, shopping lists, poems recited in the mind, offend other uprisings that if you do not want to say  and phrases offensive against us.
The typical limiting internal dialogue, or that takes away power, or non profit is made up of phrases type:
- but who think you are you (Looking to be the same)
- There never the lighthouse
- I'm afraid
- I can not
- are not capable
- Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!
- failure
- unable

There are NLP and Hypnosis techniques on the Hypnosis Induction Scripts to make people aware of their internal dialogue, especially when it is useful and shows messages that takes away power. There are even NLP techniques to lower the emotional impact of negative internal dialogue, to change the impact or to change the whole meaning of the words at specific times in life when it would be more useful an enhancer internal dialogue.

Convictions or beliefs
Belief, with our values and criteria, are a the keys of our deep structure. For deep structure means the structure that we own and that gives meaning to the reality that surrounds us, every man for himself.
Beliefs provide the "certainty" of a reality and influence the point of view, and then the internal focus. They also provide motivation for the choices and the ability to deliver.
Very often, the convictions are not generated by ourselves, nor are the result of their experiences, often come from experiences recounted and mental maps of others, like friends, parents, teachers, media and press.
Beliefs can be, basically, likely much more, empowering or limiting. Empowering because they allow you to live a useful tool to achieve goals in life, because simply limiting the goals or desires that you may have.
Beliefs can also be categorized according to their utility: useful or not useful to a person in a particular social context and in a precise time.

According to Robert Dilts, in The Power of Words and the GNP (Sleight of Mouth), limiting beliefs can be of three types:
- Hopeless
- Powerless
- Do not feel worthy
One of the techniques suggested by the same Robert Dilts and used by many other trainers is that of counter-example. The idea is that if you find one, even an "exception to the rule, " to the rule expressed in the form of limiting beliefs.
In a broader perspective and looking for a successful 100% but it is best advised to expand their mental map, begin by looking for examples against the limiting belief and then continuing to discover that there are other views of life and that if deemed appropriate, may be adopted.

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